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Easy to Install

Install Vobla with a paste and an execute.

Register an account, and get a specialized command for installing Vobla. Copy it, open your server's console, and paste.
Install Vobla on your own, or let us do it for you using SSH! Most Linux versions are supported.

Vobla provides free managed services for businesses!

Vobla provides free managed services for businesses. Our specialists install Vobla, set up the backup for you, and provide expedited support remotely.

Flexible Backup Management

A user-friendly Web panel provides access to all Vobla controls in one place. Tune your backups to fit your needs — no special skills required.

  • File Backup Management
  • MySQL Backup Management
  • MySQL Revision Browser


Add paths to the backup by checking them off in a real-time image of your server's file tree. Add exclusions to the backups using RegExp rules (e.g., exclude *.mp4 and *.avi files from being backed up), and the refractory period after latest backups where Vobla does not sense a file change, to prevent files from backing up too frequently.


Add items to the backup by checking them off in an image of your database. Set how frequently backups are performed, and a time interval during the day for them to be made. Get the most frequent backup you need while keeping server load low. Trigger a backup at any time from the Web panel to never miss anything important.

MySQL Revision Browser

Look at backups made in the past, their status (including errors and reasons for them), as well as planned backups. Get inside the backup, and look for the snpshot you need.

Retention Policy

Set a limit for how long your data is stored in the Cloud — Vobla deletes it automatically when it's outdated to free up Cloud space.

Retention Policy

Set a limit for how long your data is stored in the Cloud — Vobla deletes it automatically when it's outdated to free up Cloud space.

Backup-Browsing and Recovery Tools

Vobla provides you with easy-to-use tools to get inside your backups and recall data from the Cloud, right from your server's console.
file backup


Browse the entirety of your backup archive by date and path, locate the versions of files that you're searching for, and download them to your server individually. details


Restore a part of your file system from a certain date to local storage, either downloading a copy or replacing already existing paths. details


Create a virtual external storage of any part of your backup, and browse through it like it's a part of the local file system. details


Browse the entire history of a path's backup, locate files from specific dates, and download them to local storage individually. details


Specify a date and a path, and an entire snapshot of your database from that period and location will be downloaded to local storage. details

Monitoring Dashboard

Monitor your server and backup from a single page in the backup panel. The most important data is available to you always, in real time.

Usage Reports and Proactive Alerts

usage report
Proactive Alerts

Get a digest of Vobla's activity on the server, and the backups made from it in the period of your choosing. The report includes information on Vobla's uptime, the server's resource usage, and an estimate of remaining Cloud usage in days. details

This report features a consolidated list of notifications from each of your Vobla-connected servers, and alerts about activity that may cause problems in the future. details

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