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Server Backups Reinvented

Back up website, online store or specific server with database.

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Vobla's Ingenuity

Install Vobla and secure your data by executing a single command.
Set backup rules and exclusions in a real-time image of your server's filetree.
Stay informed about server and backup activity with smart notifications.
Easily browse, locate and roll back files, no matter how large your backup library is.

How Vobla Works

Compatible with most Linux distributions

Vobla's Agent

The Agent works in the background of your server to monitor for recently modified files and push them to the Cloud.

Vobla's Cloud

The Cloud stores files and crunches data to give commands to the Agent and notify you about what's happening on the server

Monitoring & Reports

Monitor your server's status and resource usage in real time. Get reports with notifications and alerts about potential errors.

Rollback & Mount

Download files individually, rollback them jointly or mount a state of your server and browse through it like external storage.


Ubuntu 16

Ubuntu 15

Ubuntu 14


Debian 8

Debian 7

Arch Linux

Arch Linux


Centos 7

Centos 6


Fedora 24

Fedora 23

Fedora 22

Red Hat

Red Hat 7

Red Hat 6

Red Hat 5

Open suse

openSUSE 42

openSUSE 13

Amazon Linux AMI

Amazon Linux AMI

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  • 1000GB storage
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  • Strong encryption
  • MySQL Database Backup
  • Unlimited file size and count
  • Unlimited number of revisions
  • Managed Service


  • Storage: $40 per TB
  • Agents: $2 per server

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Restore After Storm

Restore a part of your file system from a certain date to local storage, either downloading a copy or replace already existing paths.


Browse the entirety of your backup archive by date and path, locate the versions of files that you're searching for, and download them to your server individually.


Restore a part of your file system from a certain date to local storage, either downloading a copy or replacing already existing paths.


Create a virtual external storage of any part of your backup, and browse through it like it's a part of the local file system.

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